Feelin' Good (EP)

by Sincere Engineer

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released December 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Sincere Engineer Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Welp!
Lately I've been wishing I wished you would cut off both of my hands, so that whatever I do will remind you of me and remind me of you. I know I've been a pain in the neck, but this pain in my stomach won't go away soon and it's because of you.

This is the last you'll hear from me.

I put my head down for a minute and it felt like hours passed, and I wished they did because I don't want this to last. Lately I've been losing touch with something I once thought could be true. I wish I saw it coming, I wish I thought I knew.
Track Name: Not The Same
I'm just a kid who grew up too slow. I already miss being twenty years old. I'm standing outside the building where I met you for the first time, and it's not the same.
Because I feel so much older now, but it's the best that I've ever felt. Life's a joke, we make it so, and my mind's cloudy from your cigarette smoke.

It's not the same 'cause you're not here.
Track Name: Jailbreak Cassette Tape
This plane is soaring through the air and I no longer care about anything at all. I hate the sound of my own name. I hate the thoughts and I hate the pain. Rejection only hurts when it comes from something of worth. I had my quarter life crisis five years too early. I wanna live and not have to worry. If this plane stops flying, there is no use in trying, but lately I've been so happy that I forgot about dying. I haven't been afraid of dying.
Track Name: Booze and Chicken Tenders
Woke up in a lawn chair, ran my hands through un-showered hair
And I said I didn't wanna be here anymore
It's always the worst symptoms that we choose to ignore.

Missed or skipped my rights of passage and now I'm standing on the ledge between dissonance and a lack of confidence.

I've made it this far on mistakes alone and I'll continue this life until I grow old. I'm too dumb to succeed, but I'm too honest to cheat. I don't know what I'm doing.

I don't wanna get older. I just wanna start this over.
I want it to be 1998 again.